Business Analysis: Knowledge Areas

From a couple years ago, a jog that went by the Astoria Oregon bridge.

From a couple years ago, a jog that went by the Astoria Oregon bridge.

The original set of questions can be found (here).

Question ID: 1
The correct answer is B:
Plan Business Analysis Governance

BABOK 3 (3.0)
This is a guarantee that decisions are made properly and consistently but a well defined and reviewed process should help!

Question ID: 2
The correct answer is C:

BABOK 3 (1.4.2)
There are

1. Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring, 
2. Elicitation and Collaboration, 
3. Requirements Life Cycle Management, 
4. Strategy Analysis, 
5. Requirements Analysis and Design Definition (RADD)
6. Solution Evaluation

Question ID: 3
The correct answer is D:
Tasks in a logical but not necessarily sequential order

BABOK 3 (1.4)
Although each of these answers might NOT be wrong, the most correct of the bunch is that each knowledge area contains a grouping of related tasks to help ensure that a business analysis effort returns a strong value proposition to the organization it serves.

Question ID: 4
The correct answer is A:
Strategy Analysis

BABOK 3 (1.4.2)
As odd as it may sound, all six of the knowledge areas described on page 4 of the BABOK start with a similar tone. There is an ever so slight divergence in Strategy Analysis with starts with "describes the business analysis work."

The point here is that tasks and work are the cornerstones of knowledge area descriptions. The strategy analysis area is a bit unique and often isn't project specific in focus.

Question ID: 5
The correct answer is D:
Communicate Requirements

BABOK 3 (8)
There are eight tasks associated with this area which included measurements, assessments and recommendations.

Question ID: 6
The correct answer is D:
Report Collaboration Progress

BABOK 3 (4.0)
Answer D is totally manufactured.

Question ID: 7
The correct answer is D:
Performance Objectives

BABOK 3 (3.0.1)
Actually, the incorrect options are outputs and not inputs. BABOK Table 3.0.1

Question ID: 8
The correct answer is C:
Strategy Analysis