Use Case Builder: A Free FileMaker Tool Designed For Business Analysts

December 14, 2015 - The web site in association with Dwayne Wright is pleased to announce the release of a free business analyst tool called Use Case Builder. This tool allows a software requirements professional to quickly build a database of use cases and integrate them into documentation deliverables.

If you are building a software system, chances are that you have more than one type of user interacting with that system. There are many ways to describe user / system interactions and the use case is one of the most popular in professional software development organizations. A use case is a documentation method that illustrates how users (called actors) accomplish a goal via a sequence of tasks in a technology-neutral fashion. Generally, use cases are used to help uncover functional requirements in software system projects. In this fashion, functional requirements are naturally grouped, which helps in areas such as scope management, prioritization, release strategies and stakeholder requirement verification.

You may have encountered use case diagrams and unaware their is a text related variation. If all your use cases are straight forward, the diagram method may suffice. Some use cases are so straight forward, an analyst may wonder if they have much value at all. Their absence would indicate a gap and that impression of the gap could hurt the way the requirements package is viewed. 

Complex use cases are a different thing entirely. Adding associated models or diagrams will help stakeholders (particularly developers) understand the need with more definition but that is only one of the benefits this added step can deliver. As a business analyst, this can help you as well. This is because the modeling and/or diagraming steps are a fundamental first step in internally validating the requirement. 

Use Case Builder is a open database product written in FileMaker Pro, an Apple Computer subsidiary. Products created in FileMaker are generally compatible with a wide range of Apple & Windows based computers, web browsers and iOS mobile devices. The Use Case Builder tool is distributed completely open for customization for individual or organization needs. For additional details, please see the license agreement included with the download. For more information about FileMaker Pro, visit