Outlook Meeting Attendees To A Microsoft Excel List

When I came across the need to copy a set of meeting attendees to excel, I didn't find what I was looking for in the Google search. Most of the search returns had incomplete information or wanted me to create some sort of macro. Some of them even wanted me to download some extensions or add-ons to add to the Excel product. I didn't want to go to those lengths and was looking for something more in a recipe format. 

Since I didn't find what I was looking for, I decided to come up with one of my own.

In my particular use case, I needed to harvest all the attendees that were in a biweekly meeting. This list was about 30 people, many of them who connect to the meeting virtually. This meeting appears in my Outlook calendar and it was easy enough to pull up the attendee. So here are the steps I followed and perhaps sharing it will have some value to the great business analyst audience. 

1. In Outlook, open the meeting that has the attendees list.

2. Clic the "Respond" button and choose the "Reply to all option".

3. Copy everything in the To message line.

4. Close the email draft, do not send or save as a draft. 

5. Paste your clipboard contents into an Excel cell. You can optionally choose the Text Wrap option to make it more readable.

6. Select the entire cell and choose the "Text To Columns" option found in the Data tab.

7. In the upcoming dialog box, choose "Delimited" and click Next

8. Choose "Semicolon" and click Next

9. Click the Finish button

Now your data will appear in one row, spanning across as many columns as you have names. We will want to flip that so you have multiple rows but one column for your data. This is where the Excel "Transpose" feature comes in. 

10. Select the entire row of data and copy it to the clipboard via the copy command. 

11. Go to the next row beneath your newly acquired data and select a cell to paste your data. 

12. Right click into the cell, choose "Paste Special" and then the "Transpose" option.

That should be about it!

©2015 Dwayne Wright