Defined Actors And The Lean SIPOC Method

At the time in which I'm drafting the first few words of this narrative, I'm dealing with impressions of experiencing my first professionally presented Lean SIPOC JAD session. This was a two day workshop session with about 10 hours of it devoted to mapping existing requirements to a SIPOC model. The SIPOC model is a column based worksheet broken into 

Suppliers - those adding something to a workflow

Inputs - into the workflow

Process - illustrating a workflow in a diagram or text method

Outputs - from the process using the inputs by the supplier

Customers - consumers of the workflow product produced

In most traditional requirements documentation, the supplier information comes very early in the process. Although this is the first letter in the SIPOC acronym, it is one of the last areas tackled in SIPOC design. In our session, we started with the Process, then the Input and then the Output. We never actually made it to defining the Suppliers and Customers. 

One thing that stood out in this workshop was that the consumer of the content in this case was the technical teams. It largely ignores the stakeholder and the concept of a walkthrough of the content with stakeholders seemed odd to the team conducting our workshop. 

©2015 Dwayne Wright