Here You Can See The Requirements We Discussed In A Different Format

© 2016 Dwayne Wright

Depending on the complexity of a project, the business analyst will need to portray requirements in multiple ways to ensure that key stakeholders have the shot at gaining a complete understanding of them. Some requirements make look easy enough to comprehend on their own but their influence on the requirements package changes when they are grouped. 

It is challenging to convey how a group of requirements affect the project on the whole in a pure text format. In order to show their group influence, the business analyst needs to leverage other methods such as tables, models, diagrams and even video. You may question the video option but how else can you represent impact over time? Yes, a table might do it but only the most simple tables are effective in a PowerPoint presentation. 

In fact, I think you could find a "tables in PowerPoint" tipping point, where X number of them induce your audience to focus on anything other than the presentation. You there, right now you are wondering if that old cowboy movie you liked so much as a kid is streaming on Netflix.

There are multiple benefits that can be had in combining different views of the same requirements, many of which primarily benefit the business analyst that is working on the requirements package. Lets say that I decide that a particular grouping of requirements need to be presented in a PowerPoint slide deck. The deck needs to be dynamic because the content warrants it. In other words, it really needs strong visuals and this includes narrated animations. As I prepare this deck, I am looking at the requirements in a new way. 

When an analyst is employing their creative skills as applied to requirements, this can easily lead to diverse insights. Most of these insights are about the project or requirements package but external insights might arise as well. 

For example, you may realize quickly that your PowerPoint kung-fu skills need to be sharpened. This insight might lead you to watch a half hour of YouTube videos on the topic and you immediately see one little thing that will pay dividends for years thereafter.