Analyze Performance Measures WITHOUT Project Management Girth

According to the BABOK Third Edition, "The purpose of Analyze Performance Measures is to provide insights into the performance of a solution in relation to the value it brings." As I was reading this the other day, I thought of two use cases for this task that could be outside of the confines of project management. 

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To some, that idea is a new concept. Some project professionals are so wrapped up in a project management mindset, they do not realize that a business analyst can deliver strong value without the need of expensive downstream deliverables such as a project charter, requirements, project plan, project schedule and so forth. There would be no need to worry about scheduling resources such as a project manager, quality assurance, compliance SMEs and the like.

A sponsor can ask for a business case on the side, they do not need to order a project entree. 

The business case, an early document used to justify a change, often contains a section regarding the evaluation of available options. So an organization could request a business case deliverable but not the project. When the sponsor reviews the business case recommendation with associated content to support that recommendation, they can make a variety of decisions such as:

- do nothing, the business case confirms that a change is not needed
- do nothing right now, set a future date in which a change decision is needed
- make changes but not ones that would require the effort of a project
- use the business case to justify the launch of a full project effort
- combination of the last two
  - little changes can be done internally outside of project scope
  - big changes are professionally tracked inside of a project

Whenever a contract is due for a product, a service or a combination thereof, an organization may want to assess the value of that contract and explore available alternatives. The business case is a perfect fit for this need and could even be a mandatory deliverable for contract renewals above an established value. 

You may want to analyze the performance of a solution because there is a possibility it is being under utilized. This is another situation in which the business analyst would do a performance analysis and there is no expectation of a linked project downstream. However, a project could certainly be created based upon the business case recommendation.

So there you go, a business analyst and even common project management deliverables can have use cases that do not require the constraints of project management. This can even be a strong proposal to help overall PMO throughput because now projects are better aligned to efforts that get the most value from them. 

Love to hear your thoughts!

© 2017 Dwayne Wright