Documenting Constraints For Both Current And Future States

Constraints are aspects of a organization that hinder progress and many organizations don't really like to have the business analyst point them out. A natural thought process is that a constraint is something we should be able to fix and someone is to blame for them. This is often not true, many constraints are in place to serve purposes that may not seem apparent until they are removed. 

A partially hidden constraint on my side of the bed.

A partially hidden constraint on my side of the bed.

The BABOK v3 has a nice little section ( about current and future constraints that may merit your review. Here you can see that there may be benefits for logging current constraints, future constraints, the constraints that were removed between the two and the ones that will continue to be in place. 

Exploration of the persistent constraints may have value to the business analyst because they are often associated with business rules. That may allow the business analyst to fulfill one of their highly under appreciated tasks for the organization. That is how a business analyst can often be a strong contributor to transforming tacit business knowledge into explicit knowledge that can then be leveraged by the entire organization.

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