Non Human Stakeholders? (is that what we are coming to?)

In business analysis tasks such as use cases, user stories and diagrams, the term actor is normally associated with the term stakeholder. Many believe that the term stakeholder/actor has to be a human and cannot also relate to systems, subsystems or functional groups.

Our dog Tanner on watch duty!

Our dog Tanner on watch duty!

I haven't seen that many user stories that start with "as a CRM system" but I cannot say that such a user story is wrong. If such a user story has value to the project team and doesn't disrupt the overall requirement package, I'm thinking it could be the new normal.

I went to a business analysis conference in 2017 and all the talk was about AI (artificial intelligence systems). The term was used so loosely by many of the presenters, it boiled down to the acceptance that any complex system could/would fit the AI category. My point that I'm trying to reach is that if all/many/some systems are considered AI, it seems to me they could be called stakeholders.

After all, if the CRM system benefits from the proposed changes more than a person (Bob, in accounting for example), why shouldn't the CRM system be listed as a primary stakeholder? If you look at a foundation description of the stakeholder (has some skin in the game), does that not include a system that is critically dependent on how a new feature is implemented?