Decision Analysis Builder

Formal decision analysis takes a structured approach to addressing problems or opportunity decision. In this tool, we took an approach inspired by section 10.16 of the Business Analysis Body Of Knowledge. This consists of a logical breakdown components such as: 

  • problem statement(s)
  • definition of alternatives
  • evaluation of defined alternatives
  • chosen alternative(s)
  • alternative(s) implementation

Here you can see a very basic Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for Decision Analysis Builder.

Strengths of the InBizness Decision Tool

  • Provides business analysts with a prescriptive information gathering approach, especially in complex or uncertain situations.
  • Easy to share with stakeholders to facilitate a shared understanding of the decision making data process
  • Multiple perspectives can be shared and combined
  • Can easily span cross functional departments, potentially making decision sign-off processes much easier to facilitate
  • Collected data can be used to drive meetings and increase their overall effectiveness
  • Leveraging the strength of FileMaker Pro, can be easily integrated into other database systems and made available to web & mobile applications.

YouTube: Overview Of Decision Analysis And The Associated Tool
YouTube: Demo Of The Decision Analysis Tool

Download: InBizness Decision Analysis V1
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