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Running a software publishing / consulting business can be very challenging and time consuming work. It takes time to develop the technical design skills, the business skills and the people skills to succeed. This is one of the reasons why I recommend starting a software publishing venture as a moonlighting experience or part time hobby, if you can swing it. This isn’t possible if you work for a current FileMaker consulting company but it is an option for in house developers. Moonlighting gives you the opportunity to feel out this environment before taking the big leap. Is quite possible that you will trade your nice 9 to 5 job for one that will become a 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. job.

If you do FileMaker related work in your "real" job, moonlighting as a FileMaker developer only strengthens your FileMaker skills. Back when I was an in house developer working at Apple Computer, there were a number of cases where I learned to do something on a project of my own or for a client ... and then later at my real job ... I would come across a situation where I could use the very same technique. In some places using the current versions of FileMaker, you can even copy and paste the code or interface element!

Moonlighting also gives you a number of strategic benefits and experiences. It allows you to get a an idea about what is involved on a smaller scale. It can certainly be less stressful and provide a nice supplementary income. Like I said earlier, the first few years I did my FileMaker moonlighting more as a hobby. I would come home from work, many times working with FileMaker all day and then work on my FileMaker project. I would put in a CD, relax and work on a project until the CD was over.

Occasionally I would get towards the end of one of my own project and be so jazzed I would work until the early hours of the morning. It wasn’t because of any pressure to finish but because it was fun to approach the finish line and eventually break the tape at the end.

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