TROUBLESHOOTING: FileMaker And Video Hardware

From Dwayne Wright -

It is possible that poor graphics hardware may cause slowness or unstable behavior in a FileMaker database. In particular, databases that have been converted from earlier versions of FileMaker and now are running in FileMaker 8.5 or FileMaker 9.

These symptoms can include crashing, slowness in switching layouts, slowness in opening the define database dialog box or even slow/erratic behavior working with layout objects.

Some other things you may notice is that it works fine with Macintosh computers or newer name brand windows computers but problems is persistent on older Windows based machines.

In cases like this, you can try a number of things on the computers that are having the problems. One thing is to lower the resolution on the computer screen, try reducing the number of colors displayed and turn off acceleration on the video card (if possible). It is also possible to see if you need an updated or alternative windows driver for the video card.

I can only assume that some of the new features in the later versions of FileMaker put more of a demand on video hardware. More times that not, you will see no difference what so ever but really substandard video systems may cause you problems. Again, this is not usually a Macintosh problem but if you suspect your Windows machine may be using substandard video cards and updating them with new video cards will help.
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