Aligning Layout Objects

From Dwayne Wright -

One way to make your FileMaker layouts more professional is to align the objects within that layout in a particular manner. Is there one manner that is better than another, well I’d have to answer that with a yes, no and maybe. I can tell you that FileMaker has included some layout tools to make the task easier and more efficient for your aligning tasks.

When in layout mode, select a few objects and then check out your Arrange menu and see the sub menu options of Align, Distribute and Resize To. The align menu allows you to move the objects horizontally via Left Edges, Center and Right Edges. The align menu also allows you to move the objects vertically via Top Edges, Middle and Bottom Edges.

Distribute moves the objects so they are evenly spaced in the horizontal or vertical option you selected.

The Resize To is one of my personal favorites as it can be used to make all the objects the same size.

The real power is to use these options in concert to get a very professional looking layout.
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