Seattle Chapter FMPug October 2007 Meeting

SolutionMakers Presents Seattle Chapter FMPug October 2007 Meeting
The Session Model with John Howell & Scott Newton from DataExperience
Come and join us as we learn about the session model from our presenters John Howell and Scott Newton from DataExperience. Visit to register.

The session model allows for a layer of separation between data tables and the user experience required by business rules. A session instantiated set of variables, global fields and interface record(s) can provide the developer with much of the abstraction used in the separation model, and yet it can also be developed quite well in a single file system. Multiple window environments can be modeled elegantly. A single point of reference allows the developer to always perceive the database system from a consistent perspective. The demand for context awareness is radically reduced, and a development template can be used to build robust systems much faster. Merging portals and related data onto one view becomes a snap, as does task oriented design! Record-locking can be handled smoothly. Adding modules to an existing session-based system is easy and clear. Multiple developers can work on a system with greater clarity. Techniques like audit trail and transactional entry lend them selves well to this approach, and can be modified and implemented much more easily!

We will also discussion relative subjects in this presentation as time permits.

These subjects include development conventions, build management and versioning, as well as window management.

We will have snacks and goodies there for all attendees and as always a beautiful view of the Seattle waterfront from the 42nd level of the Washington Mutual Center! (1301 2nd Avenue, 42nd Floor, Seattle, WA 98101) Register at to attend the meeting.

Speaker Bio:
Jonn Howell is the president of DataExperience, Inc., and has been developing solutions in FileMaker Pro since 1992. His personal goal is to provide the most intuitive user experience in the world. His clients include: Apple Computer, Amgen, Genentech, Electronic Arts, Nortel Networks, Novell Corporation, Stanford University, The University of California, and Air Support. He holds annual training classes on database design, relational modeling, business requirements, development conventions, documentation, client management, and interface design at his office north of Los Angeles. Jonn leads a team of 6 developers, building data systems, e-commerce systems and web design. He has a solid reputation in the bio-technical industry as a database system programmer, business analyst and project manager. Formally trained as a robotics engineer, Jonn is also an accomplished graphic designer and professional sales trainer. Jonn received a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University. He is currently an Associate Level FBA member, and has spoken at four previous FileMaker Developer Conferences.

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