The Monthly Sale Report Scripted ( Part 3 )

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This is a series of discussions on the breakdown of a monthly sales report. This report is designed to be able to be reused in just about any sales report situation. The total script itself can be found at ...



#FIND months invoices
Set Error Capture [ On ]

Go to Layout [ “dev_Invoices” (MonthySales) ]

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field [ MonthySales::Date; GetAsText(Date ( MonthySales::~sm_Month ; 1 ; MonthySales::~sm_Year) & "..." & Date
( MonthySales::~sm_Month + 1 ; 1 ; MonthySales::~sm_Year) -1) ]

Perform Find [ ]

#ERROR DETECTED - no matching records found
If [ Get ( FoundCount ) < 1 ]

Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "SEARCH ERROR"; Message: "No records were found matching your search settings."; Buttons:
“OK” ]

Go to Layout [ original layout ]
Halt Script

End If

Above you can see that I’m going into find mode and setting the date field equal to the range of the month to report upon. I have some basic error checking just in case no sales records are within that month.
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