DYK: FileMaker 9 Server Built In Test Capability?

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Did You Know? (a series of quick discussions on things that you might have missed about FileMaker).

FileMaker 9 Server has the ability to run quick tests on your newly installed server. From the Admin Console, you can execute a menu command "Open Test Page" from under the Server menu. These tests will be run with the sample database FileMaker Server comes with (FMServer_Sample.fp7).

You can run tests on how the server hosts in FileMaker Client, IWP, CWP (XSLT) and CWP (PHP). Very cool don't you think? If you don't get the expected results, you may want to refer to the Troubleshooting section of FileMaker Server Getting Started Guide (automatically installed with FileMaker Server). If your answers are not found there, a great second place to look is the KnowledgeBase section in the support area of the www.filemaker.com web site. There you can perform searches to see if there are known steps to take to fix the issue you might be experiencing.

Here you can see the pull down menu from the www.filemaker.com site for the online support options.

Many users will not have a problem with the install but you might run into some issues with the multiple machine install of FileMaker Server (used when optimizing serving FileMaker database via a web browser experience).
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