Killed The FileMaker 5 to 9 Conversion Blog

From Dwayne Wright -

Well, I’ve done it again and killed off one of my experimental blogs. It was a video diary type of blog where I was converting an old FileMaker 5 solution to FileMaker 9 and updating it. I had produced a little over 20 videos but wasn’t happy about the end product. I was doing it after work and on weekends. I was mentally tired in much of the videos and was rambling way too much. Besides, I’m becoming aware that FileMaker conversion work has likely peaked and will become less of an issue in the coming years.

When I attended the FileMaker Train The Trainer series this month, they mentioned the entire section of converting FileMaker 6 solutions to the newer engine had been removed. At first, I was a little taken back because we still do a lot of FileMaker 6 conversion work but as I pondered it, I think FileMaker made the right call.

If you are still running a pre-FileMaker 7 solution, I understand your reluctance in going forward but do need to stress that you are missing a lot of opportunities not staying current with FileMaker updates.

I will, more than likely, undertake another FileMaker video diary project in the future but I will want to make it more polished. So thanks for checking out this experiment while it lasted and your feedback is always welcomed.
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