FileMaker Customers And Other Customers?

From Dwayne Wright -

This is part of my ongoing series of articles about setting up your own software publishing business (cause FileMaker is very good option for doing that). This was originally published by me in a guide called FileMaker Software Publishing back in 2002.

As a FileMaker developer, you may run across two sets of possible customers. There are the customers that know and use FileMaker. They want to have a FileMaker solution because it may be compatible with some other business areas that use a FileMaker database to manage it. There are also customers that don't know much about database software or even FileMaker for that matter. They simply want a computer based solution that meets their needs.

The FileMaker customers are going to be looking for many of the traditional things including training resources, templates, troubleshooting aids, invoicing systems, contact management systems and calendar based systems. There is significant competition in this area but that isn’t to say that there are not significant opportunities there as well.

The other customers are looking for solutions because what they are currently doing isn't working out that well. They may be using a paper process, a spreadsheet program (excel) or another less user friendly database product. These are generally vertical market opportunities and rely heavily on your knowledge of a particular business (education, non profit, mail order, for example).

There are also some opportunities in very small markets. Let’s say that you know about airplane maintenance. You create a database to streamline the process of getting incoming plans taken care of by 3 shifts of mechanics. If you know where to sell such a package, you may be able to get big bucks for it!

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