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This is a technique I had first seen in a Andy LeCates presentation of the FMPUG in Seattle. Andy is a software engineer with FileMaker and gives high energy, killer presentations on FileMaker techniques, usually focused on the latest release of FileMaker. Andy showed the technique using FileMaker 8.5 (because 9 had not been announced yet). The technique shown on the Six Fried Rice blog using some unique FileMaker 9 techniques but can be easily adapted to FileMaker 8.5 and FileMaker 8.

The way that I understand it is that the technique started with John Mark Osborne of DatabasePros talking to Andy Gaunt of FMPUG and then he talking to Andy LeCates. It originally had to do with a dynamic portal sorting technique. Instead of sorting portals, you would have multiple tabls with different sort orders on them. Then hide the tabs and put portal sorting buttons on top of them. The buttons would go to the tab with the corresponding sort order. From what I understand, Andy LeCates has shown this technique around quite a bit, including this years FileMaker Developer Conference in Orlando.

I love that the good folks at Six Fried Rice wrote the technique up so well and put it free of charge on their blog! Kudos! If you have a chance, by all means check it out at
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