FILEMAKER: FileMaker Server 9 - Snapshot 1

FileMaker Server 9 comes with a number of applications, which include FileMaker Server, FileMaker 9 Server Admin Console, PHP Site Assistant and XSLT Site Assistant. These applications do require Java, in fact it is Java Runtime Environment version 5 at a minimum and version 6 for Windows Vista. FileMaker Server 9 will support FileMaker clients versions 7 through 9. It will support up to 250 FileMaker Clients and 125 databases. The advanced version of FileMaker 9 will also support IWP, up to 100 independent sessions.

For best performance, you want a machine with a fast / reliable processor, hard disk and network connection. The server should be dedicated to FileMaker Server and limit everything that might hinder performance such as screen savers, anti-virus software and indexing services. It is also recommended that FileMaker Server has a static IP address. Installation of FileMaker Server 9 will require a 35 character license key.

FileMaker Server And The Firewall
With a firewall in place, FileMaker Server requires open ports of 5003, 16000 and 16001. Another port needs to be open for IWP, which would be port 80.

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