SNAPSHOT: FMP 9 And Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting is a new feature added with the introduction of FileMaker 9. Conditional Formatting can be used in many places but it can only be created / edited in layout mode. While in layout mode, take a look under the Format menu and you will see the selection choice of Conditional ... and selecting that choice will be up the Conditional Formatting dialog box for a defined layout object.

FYI ... Conditional formatting is also supported by contextual menus. So in layout mode, you can right click on an object and access the conditional formatting dialog box from there.

Your options for the conditional formatting include the font, font style, font size, font color and the fill color for the object selected. You have the ability to choose from a predefined set of options, which is quite nice. If you need additional power and flexibility, you can create your own set of conditions via a calculation! You can apply the formatting to fields, text objects on the layout, the Web Viewer and buttons created with FileMaker button tool.

That is correct, you can apply conditional formatting to buttons you create with FileMakers button maker but not when using purely graphic buttons. That is unless you have a piece of text on top of the graphic and that can be a bit tricky to manage with conditional formatting. Another great reason to use the standard 3D button making tool within FileMakers layout mode.

Something akin to this feature was available previously in FileMaker but it required that you create a calculation field for every place you wanted to use a conditional formatting feature. Even then, the text formatting functions for a calculation field still did not include the ability to control the fill color for the text object. The new FileMaker conditional formatting feature, makes the entire process much more direct! In particular when you just want to target an element on your layout for conditional formatting.
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