Upgrading Existing Server Installation

From Dwayne Wright - www.dwaynewright.com

In order to upgrade from FileMaker Server 7 or 8 to FileMaker Server 9, you have to pay attention to a particular order of steps. This is also true when you decide that you may want to move your FileMaker 9 Server installation from one machine to a different machine. The steps that you will want to take may include,

- read the documentation that comes with the Server upgrade, including the Read Me files

- inform all your users that you are doing an upgrade and to report any problems they may experience after the upgrade

- allow yourself plenty of time, over the weekend would be my first choice

- make a note of all your FileMaker Server settings
(screen shots are not a bad idea)

- stop FileMaker Server from hosting databases (Web Server & Database Server)

- backup the entire hard drive of the server machine

- backup the database files, plug-ins, server logs, shell scripts, etc...

- Uninstall the current version of FileMaker Server
note that the Macintosh uninstall will require the previous Server versions installation CD

- Install FileMaker Server 9

- restore the database files and test the server for any problems

- stop the FileMaker 9 Server

- install any shell scripts or plug-ins that you know will be compatible with FileMaker Server 9

- Recreate any of the schedules and server log settings you may have had on the previous machine

- test the server for any problems
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