Software Publishing: LICENSES

From Dwayne Wright

This is part of my ongoing series or articles about setting up your own software publishing business (cause FileMaker is very good option for doing that). This was originally published by me in a guide called FileMaker Software Publishing back in 2002.

Most software development companies don't have to invest significant time or money in getting licenses and permits. It’s not like you are going to be selling alcohol, firearms or even sandwiches.

Generally, you will need to check your local government business office to get a sales tax application. Depending on the products and services you sell, you will need to collect state level sales tax. In the United States the current law is that you don't have to collect sales tax for other states. Although this may not be the case by the time you read this.

Taxing is an easy way for a government to get income and this topic is an age old debate. In fact, I’ve heard that even international sales may be taxed at some future date. So it’s possible that if someone in Australia, Belgium or Japan purchases this guide sometime after I’m writing this ... I will need to collect and send the tax payment to that country.

So if you think you are home free because you are selling software on the internet, you may be mistaken.

*** Well, it is about 5 years since I wrote that back in 2002. The obligation to collect sales tax in the United States is an absolute mess. Be sure to check with your accountant on what your obligation is for collecting sales tax. Also, in the last couple years, many states are now requiring you to charge tax for rentals and shipping/handling charges. ***

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