Death Of The Set Alignment Dialog Box?

From Dwayne Wright -

The term, SET ALIGNMENT DIALOG BOX, came up in my random term generator for my FileMaker Term Of The Day blog. I had not realized this until now but I think this dialog box is no longer around. I’m not even sure with what version of FileMaker it went away, I just evolved into using the new methods of aligning layout objects.

This single dialog box used to (unless it is still there and I cannot find it) have a pallet of choices with the alignment features for multiple layout objects. First you had the major categories of Top to Bottom and Left to Right. You can further define these two options with the various edges of the options.

Right now, all these features are sub-menus under the Arrange menu while in layout mode. In fact, there are many more alignment features than the old Set Alignment dialog box used to have and may have contributed to its demise.

You know, I even had to think about what menu the Align features where available in layout mode. By pure muscle memory, I always access the alignment features via the contextual menu. I will select multiple objects and simply right click on them.

Here you can see the alignment sub-menu in its natural habitat.

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