DYK: Port Numbers For Web Publishing

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DYK: Port Numbers For Web Publishing
Instant Web Publishing needs to have its sharing access turned on in order to share a database to web browsers. This is done under the Sharing sub-menu under the File menu. In the advanced area of the IWP Sharing dialog box, you can set the port number to use. By default it will be set to port 80 but that might be in use by other web applications. If so, try using the TCP/IP port number of 591. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has this port number registered for FileMaker web publishing and it shouldn't conflict with any other web application.

Using a port number other than port 80 will require your users to add the defined port number as part of their url string to access the hosted database. If the machine that is hosting your IWP is a Macintosh, you will need to authenticate that you have permission to make the port number switch to 591. Most Macintosh users are used to this and have no problem remembering the admin access authentication information.

Here you can see the advanced IWP sharing dialog in front of the regular IWP dialog. In this case, the port number is still set to the default port 80.
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