MIGRATION: The Hand You Are Dealt

From Dwayne Wright - www.dwaynewright.com

Many times when a developer is looking at migrating an older FileMaker database to a new version of FileMaker, they have to sit back and look at the hand they were dealt. Many times, you can categorize the database you are converting into categories such as ....

- minor upgrade from one version to the next, with some of the new features of the latest version of FileMaker rolled in.

- a post FileMaker 7 database solution that needs some detailed work to be able to embrace the features of the latest version of FileMaker

- a good FileMaker 6 (or earlier) FileMaker solution that needs updating to the latest version of FileMaker. For the short term, a major rewrite is not necessary but thoughts about a rewrite of the solution should be documented.

- then we have the various levels of “Oh, my good gracious” in which a FileMaker solution is performing it’s tasks but it’s a literal mess under the hood.

In all but the last case, you may decide it’s best to convert those databases to the latest version of FileMaker directly and test them for a period of time before rolling them out. In the last case, you may want to consider creating a whole new database from scratch and bringing over on the things that are working.

If you haven’t done a full migration in the past, you might want to consult a professional FileMaker developer. You may want them to do the entire conversion for you, run an analysis of potential problems, ask them to review the solution / make recommendations or any combination thereof. Those of us with a decade or more of FileMaker experience can be very helpful in large conversions and the money in consulting fees can help ensure your migration is a success.
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