Opening Remote FileMaker Files

From Dwayne Wright -

FileMaker databases worked upon locally (on the hard drive of your computer) opens up pretty much the same as any computer application. Traditionally, two swift clicks of the mouse (called a double click) launches FileMaker and opens the file.

You can do the same thing if the file is located on a file server or on another persons hosted machine. However, although you can do this, FileMaker strongly recommends it. As a professional database developer, I double strongly recommend against it! It may not happen today, tomorrow or the day after but some day this method of opening remote files will crash the database and damage it.

So what is the recommended way to open a FileMaker database that is not on your individual computer? First, any files on a file server should be there for backup reasons only. FileMaker files should never be launched from a file server. FileMaker files should be opened on a regular users machine and then connected to by using the Open Remote option. Then you can navigate to the file to open and open it there.

Yet a better way is to use FileMaker Server!

If you purchase the FileMaker Server product and have a dedicated machine to run it, you will be operating your FileMaker solution in a safer environment, have a noticeable speed increase, be able to make scheduled backups and much more! Be sure to check out FileMaker’s web site ( for more information on the FileMaker Server product.
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