Get(PrivilegeSetName) Returns “Full Access”

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Get(PrivilegeSetName) Returns “Full Access” When That Isn’t The Case

Professional FileMaker developers tend to use FileMaker Advanced for database design exclusively. Yesterday, I was working on three different projects throughout the day. One of the clients are still on FileMaker 8, one where the clients are on FileMaker 8.5 and an internal project that I’m using FileMaker 9 to design with. In all situations, I’m using the FileMaker Advanced version because of schema copying, the script debugger and the data viewer.

FYI... I’m a seriously trying not to hate the FileMaker 9 changes in ScriptMaker, the Data Viewer and the Script Debugger. So far, it’s a losing battle as I mentally drink my cup of HaterAid and repeat the mantra “I just got to get used to it is all”.

Anyway, I mentioned FileMaker Advanced earlier in case you are using regular FileMaker and couldn’t find your Data Viewer. It is a FileMaker Advanced only feature. Now back to the original story.

I noticed that the Data Viewer was returning “Full Access” when I was reviewing the Get(PrivilegeSetName) function. However, I was logged in as a lower level account to test a fulfillment script. I was having a problem with the script and thought it might had been related to the security setting access my clients would be using.

Of course, I began jumping to the conclusion that this was a FileMaker 9 bug. That is until I realized that I was working with FileMaker 8.5. That can happen in the heat of battle and running multiple copies of FileMaker at the same time.

Then I remembered that in my first try and troubleshooting the script, I had turned on the option to run the script in Full Access mode! So naturally, the data viewer would return “Full Access” while running the script. That setting trumps the users account setting during the execution of the script!

Here is that pesky little setting that was confusing me. This is a wonderful addition to ScriptMaker by the way. My example above is just an illustration on how you can get confused when you are using such a feature rich application!

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