Traveling To FileMaker Developer Conference 2007

From Dwayne Wright -

Well, I’ve just got from the FileMaker event of the year, the annual FileMaker Developers Conference. I quite honestly don’t know how much I’m going to comment about the conference. So what actually appears in my blog will be as much news to me as it will be to you (grin).

Traveling to the conference was a bit of an ordeal because we were traveling from Seattle Washington to Orlando Florida. That is about the farthest you can fly in the continental United States. Three of the SolutionMakers team were going to the conference this year and we arrived at the airport about 2 hours early. At the check in, I was the only one not given a seat. I was told that I could only get my seat assignment at the gate. That is not a good sign, usually means the flight is overbooked and you probably don’t have a seat. We tried to get a seat at the Alaska Airlines suite, (where members can relax in private while waiting for their flight) but they could not assign me a seat either. They did confirm there was only two seats left on the flight. By the time I got to the gate, there was only one seat left but that was all I needed. I was on board.

Loaded with 3 magazines, a fully loaded video iPod and my laptop, I was fully prepared for the 5 hour, 30 minute flight. Taking out my laptop, I found out it was fried. I had just used the 17 inch PowerBook on the ride to the airport. So it was either just a freak occurrence or the airport security x-ray fried the motherboard. I thought that was just an urban legend but it looks like it may have happened to me.

But you know, the magazines were very good (MacWorld - Business 2.0 - Success) and my iPod played two episodes of Battlestar Galactica and an audio book for the remainder of the flight. All was good as good could be.

Our baggage took forever at Orlando but it did arrive. In the baggage area, we bumped into our FileMaker sales rep. It’s always a good idea for a FileMaker custom developer to know their FileMaker Sales Rep by the way, took me years to actually do that. Anyway, his baggage was lost. So I counted myself lucky once again and we shared a cab ride to the hotel.

Although our flight came in at 5:30 PM, due to the baggage delay, we didn’t get to the hotel until after 7:00 PM. So we couldn’t pick up our conference bags with all the goodies needed for the conference. So we needed to drop by at 7 AM Monday morning to pick them up. Since 7AM Orlando is 4AM Seattle, we couldn’t make much of a night of it.

Right .... We met up with some other developers in the bar and geeked FileMaker until about 1 AM. Oh well, at least we had started the FileMaker developer networking experience on pre day one!
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