FAQ: File And Window Hopping

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In a two file FileMaker solution, I want to go to the related records from one file to another. In that file, I want to make sure that I’m on a particular layout and that the window is resized properly. What is the most elegant way to do this?

Option 1
You would write a script in file 1 to do a GTRR in file 2. Then you would call upon a subscript in file 2 to go to a particular layout, bring the window to the front and resize it.

Option 2
You would write a script in file 1 to do a GTRR in a new window, going to the right layout and hard code the window size you want.

Option 3 (my favorite)
Create the layout you want in file 1 but use the file 2 reference. This allows you to stay within the same file (physically) but you are within file 2 perspectively. Then you can do your GTRR with new window without leaving the physical file. You can then use the window options within the same script.
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