Where Is The Freeware?

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A Blog Reader Writes...

I'm a filemaker user not a developer.

My question is, what happened to our freeware, in the old days whenever I needed anything for a temporary solution in my business that I wanted to manage with a database, I'd just go search the web for freeware and I would always find something that someone else designed and posted as freeware. I'd download it make a few motivications to the layout and I'd have my solution.

I can't find Filemaker freeware sites anymore.

Do you know any websites that still post filemaker freeware?

I think the complexity of FileMaker now has made freeware part of the past. In fact, you don't even see shareware or demo solutions as much as you had seen in the past. The more that I think about it, the number of open solutions you can purchase isn't quite what it used to be. Many professional developers will only license locked copies of their solutions and most changes need to go through them at a hourly design charge.

I have put a few of my older solutions on my website for free but that is a pretty limited collection. You can find them at ...


FileMakerWorld has a few but they are a little long in the tooth as well. You can find them at ...

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