Create, Delete And Revert Records

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Using the commands under the Records menu, you can create and delete FileMaker records with ease. Menu commands such as New Records, Duplicate Record, Delete Record And Sort Records require little explanation. There is a Delete Found Records option as well. This will delete all the records in a table but the term doesn’t say that does it? By found records, it means this command is usually performed after a successful find operation. Say you just found a set of empty records in your table and you want to delete them all in one swoop.

You may have noticed the Undo command from under the Edit menu. This will not work with the deleting of records. There are products on the market that can allow you to roll records back into a table after it has been deleted. The one that I’m using currently is called fmDataGuard.

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At the very bottom of the menu, you can see the revert record command. This can undo all the unsaved changes to the record in that session. A record is saved by default when you exit the record or click outside of one of the data entry fields. A very common term for saving a record is to commit.

If you want to have the ability to roll back multiple fields or pick and choose what data you want to roll back, I’d suggest checking out fmDataGuard for that as well.
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