Killed My FileMaker 9 Blog

From Dwayne Wright -

Yes, I went a little blog crazy but I’m coming back down to earth now. I have a lot of blogs because I wanted to rewrite a lot of my old content but update it. Most of it had been written when FileMaker 6 was king. Some of the content even goes back to FileMaker 4 days!

When I created the FileMaker 9 blog, I was very excited about the new version. I wanted an avenue to publish my impressions and dig into all the cool features of FileMaker 9. The honest truth is that I don’t particularly like FileMaker 9. Most of my posts in queue were complaining about this and that. Who wants to read that and (more importantly) who wants to write that?

So all my old content will still show up in their respective blogs and everything new will go into the Thought Bucket. Thanks for your understanding!
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