Inserting QuickTime Movies Into Container Fields

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When you insert a QuickTime movie into a container field, it only allows you to store a reference to the file, not embed the file into the field itself. The trouble with the reference is that if you move the database or the folder containing the movies, your reference is broken and you receive a message "movie missing" in the field.

QuickTime content in container fields have always been stored as references. This allows you to play the movie within the field itself. Embedding the movie as a file works from a storage perspective but the FileMaker container field won't recognize it as a QuickTime file, and therefore won't give you the QuickTime player within the container field to enable playback.

I have seen techniques for distributed runtime solutions where the movies are always in a particular folder or a calculated container field that allows you to adjust the reference to where the movie can be accessed. Typically, you would break this down into two text fields or a text string and a text field. The first string would have the entire location information except for the file name itself. The field would have the unique movie file name for the record you are browsing. The calculation field would combine the two pieces of text to form the location of the QuickTime media file.

There are other techniques out there of course including plug-ins and the Web Viewer (for those using FileMaker 8.5 and above). However, there are some downsides to each of these techniques as well.
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