How I Got Started With FileMaker And Selling Solutions

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To give you a bit of background, I started building FileMaker databases back in 1989. My first database was a customer organizer because the fate of a product called HyperCard was uncertain. Later on, I went to work for a Macintosh mail-order company and they didn't have a database to manage our contacts, inventory, sales or our product return authorizations. So I was picked as the guy to learn FileMaker and to build the data bases to handle these business situations.

The story of a person in a particular office being picked at random to build the FileMaker database is not a unique story in the FileMaker developer community. FileMaker is one of the most flexible software products on the planet. It has nurtured many developers simply with its ease of use.

A few years later, I went to the work for Apple Computer as a technical support phone rep. I began to build FileMaker tools to keep track of various issues and the best ways to help out customers. Before long, part of my job was to support one of those support databases being used by our group. Next a few supervisors got word that I had these tools and ask me to build FileMaker based tools for them. Next, a job was created for a FileMaker specialist within our call center and I was selected to fill that position. For the next three years I was a in house FileMaker pro gunslinger rambling from project to project and they usually involved multiple departments within the same project.

So where does the publishing aspect come into play, you may be asking?

Well, lets backup a little bit to 1994, I was toiling away as a telephone technical support rep for Apple. All day long I would field technical support calls about Apple’s latest hot product ... the Newton MessagePad. This was not a bad job for a young geek but I needed more satisfaction in my life than explaining to customer why the Newton translated what they wrote as “ My name is Bill” came out as “ My fame is making me pills.”

This was before I was totally obsessed with FileMaker Pro and had just started using FileMaker Pro version 1.0 of my Newton Resolution database. On one of my breaks, I was checking out the hot product that had just come out after the Newton. Does anybody remember eWorld? Anyway, on eWorld I came across a FileMaker template called "Contacts" by Jeff Gange. It was ( or perhaps I should say still is ) a very slick contact manager and I'm certain it opened the eyes of many a fledgling FileMaker developer.

This Gange guy built something in FileMaker and people were actually buying it! This was the moment it all started for me. Within a couple months, I published my very first FileMaker based solution ( yrBible ... a combination bible reading / diary product ). I remember the excitement when I posted it on America Online and eWorld. Nothing happened right away, so I designed a few more. Before long, I started to receive checks in the mail. I remember how good it felt to get that first check from someone who wanted something that I had made.
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