The OR Operator In Relationships

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I was wondering if you could help me. My background is more with mssql and My company is looking to FM to assist with a project that doesn't require that level of integration. In either case, my question is this, is there a way to do an "or" style relationship between two tables? For example...I have a list of employees, I need a subset of that list where the "job title" field could be jobtitleA or jobtitleB. Right now we have it so it will find all employees based on only jobtitleA. The relationship definition only gives me options for "and" relationships (relationships of jobtitleA and jobtitleB, which doesn't work because an employee would only have one, not both)

We are using FMP 9 and FMS. There are 2 files at work here, Feesheet.fp7 and Employees.fp7, FeeSheet has one main table and then support tables from Employees. Employees is your typical, one table, employee database, with things like emp_name, emp_title, etc.

I have scoured the internet and the very poor online knowledge base from and haven't found any examples and therefore can't come to a conclusion of whether it can even be done. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

This sounds like what you want is a filtered portal. No, FileMaker doesn’t do this out of the box but if your parent field is a global field, you can have it switch back and forth.

I have and example post for a simple portal filter called Example - Single Character Filter With All Option. Here is a link to that example post.

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