Cris Ippolite Is Beginning To Make Me Want To Drink The KoolAid

Cris Ippolite Is Beginning To Make Me Want To Drink The KoolAid

I've been slow to warm up to FileMaker 9. I know that I will. Most of it is a still an adverse reaction to the ScriptMaker/Script Debugger interfaces (or lack thereof). I'll come around eventually and this was about a new step in that direction.

I've had a account for a little while now (about 3 months) and I've been hit/miss in taking the time to view the training videos available there. Today (the Saturday on Labor Day weekend), I hit the trail with the wonder dog and logged a little over 12 miles. Came back home, took a shower, made a salad, watched some TV and then headed to the porch with my MacBook.

Sipping some coffee for the neuron boost, I began to watch some of Cris Ippolite's videos in the "FileMaker 9 Beyond The Basics series". I watched the section on "Working With Objects" and it was interesting. I'm not sure that I'm going to be a web scrapper anytime soon but I enjoyed the movies.

What prompted me to blog was the "Working with External SQL Sources" section. It's not very intense, 8 movies for a total running time of about 30 minutes. But it was enough to get my little mental hamster on the wheel. So if you have an extra $25 buck to spare, sign up for a account and check out the library of FileMaker (and other application) training videos. You can always cancel after the first month but you might keep it active like I have!

Here is a little peek at the section that got me motivated to do this blog post.