Save! Save! Save! Backup! Backup! Backup!!

From Dwayne Wright -

If you are working on a complicated script for an extended amount of time, it’s a good idea to occasionally close the script dialog box to save it. It is always possible that something may go awry (FileMaker crashes, computer crashes, lose of power, etc..) and all your savings could be lost.

In particular, if you are editing a script in a networked FileMaker solution. In this situation, a lot of your unsaved changes are “likely” not transmitted to the FileMaker file. This means that usually, the file on the server is not damaged when a users machine / copy of FileMaker crashes. However, I have seen this happen but it is very rare. In my case, it only happened when I was working in the relational graph and not in ScriptMaker.

Now FileMaker 9 actually has a save command under the new Scripts menu. This is due in part by the new feature of having multiple scripts open in edit mode at the same time.

This just enforces the idea that when in development mode: Save! Save! Save! Backup! Backup! Backup!! This is even true if you are developing on a solution hosted on a FileMaker Server. You can setup schedules to save copies of your FileMaker solution many times a day and in many different places.
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