DYK: Command clicking on an object

Did You Know? (a series of quick discussions on things that you might have missed about FileMaker).

I picked up this tidbit while I was attending the “Train The Trainer” class for my FileMaker 9 authorized trainer status. I didn’t believe it was true because it sounded so weird. Perhaps it is just one of those tidbits that escaped me.

I don’t know if this works (or how it works) on a Windows machine. I gave my Windows box to my girlfriends son for Christmas. Soon I’ll be getting a new intel Mac that can run both Macintosh and Windows OS. Anyhow...

In layout mode, command clicking on an object will make that objects settings a default. For example, command clicking a field will set the default field options for that field. Try it out, drag a field from the status area on to a layout. See another field that has a different formatting and command click it (click it with the command/apple key held down). Now go back to the status area and drag over another field.

Pretty cool eh?