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Those darn customers, they take up so much time that I've gotten way behind in reading my blogs. In particular, the recent flurry of amazing posts on the FileMaker Addict blog. So I decided today was the day and I wanted to jot some notes about them for reference. And what better place to store my notes than on my blog? That way I can always do a google search for them? (grin)

Tim mentions that he took the FileMaker Design Master Class from Albert. Have to admit I'm a bit jealous and I've considered about trying this out myself. So I quickly leave after reading the first sentence of this post to check that out. The place that I found the most interesting on the Small Co web site was in the Design Caucus area. There are videos online with group discussions about the before and after transformations of a FileMaker solution. Quite interesting and I'd definitely encourage you to give it a look. It always amazes me the wealth of free content out there and how great FileMaker developers are in sharing their toys!

Andy includes a link of the session of the Jeff Benjamin of FileMaker session but there are others if you want to check it out. I decided to watch this session and use WireTap to capture the audio and listen to it on my iPod on the trail. It was full of unique perspectives and I have to say that my appetite has been whetted.

One thing that is very special about the interviews on FileMaker Addict is the attention to the non-FileMaker aspects about the person being interviewed. It allows you to see the history behind how an individual embraced FileMaker design and made it their career. This is a very special reason to read every interview that comes across the FileMaker Addict blog.

I found it very interesting that Albert comments that the term " your FileMaker database" may not be as accurate as saying your application. Many of use don't think of ourselves as application programers but now I'm beginning to ponder this topic. I've worked on many databases/applications that didn't facilitate the business logic but actually became the source for defining business logic and business practices. The implementation of the FileMaker database actually cleaned out the business logic dust bunnies for my customer.

Overall, I was a bit dazzled by the diversity of questions in this interview and how they showed a unique insight to such an accomplished FileMaker professional as Mr. Albert Harum-Alvarez. I will definitely spend some quality time looking over the training offerings of Small Co and see if I can fit one into my schedule.

Just starting to read this interview, I decided upon a best practice for them. Quickly open the web site of the interviewer in a new browser tab. Then you can go back and forth between the questions and the interviewers website to gain more illumination. Secret Weapon Labs has a very nice website, hope to be able to have one of those for myself someday.

I really liked the comments about going less modal in the interfaces for managing fields, relationships and tables. Those of you that are considering build an vertical market application using FileMaker can likely glean a helpful tidbit or two in this interview as well.

BOOK REVIEW: Web Publishing With PHP and FileMaker 9 and

Most of the technical aspect of this interview and book review have to deal with FileMaker and PHP. I'm not a web person and don't enjoy work with browser related implementations of FileMaker. After reading these two posts, I certainly have a better appreciation for that work. Jonathan Start obviously has a passion for this kind of work because it shows!

I've read many of Jonathan's articles in Advisor but the first "wow" impression of Jonathan's work came via the FileMaker Developer Conference session he gave in 2006. He showed the power and flexibility of a solution where all base tables connected via one big honking join table. It allowed more google like search results across many tables that I don't know how you would do otherwise. A very interesting concept but I haven't had the time to explore that design philosophy myself on a project yet.

Like many of you, I've been pondering whether or not to jump into the deep end of the FileMaker/PHP pool. In my case I'm still considering sticking in my big toe. I'm perfectly comfortable with IWP but there is a lot of energy being focused on PHP. The only exposure I've really had is via the PHP Site Assistant and that is limited to what was discussed in FileMaker 9 FTS training manual and in the a chapter of Cris Ippolites video training in the Beyond FileMaker 9 series from

Looking over my shoulder, see three unfinished books on project management I picked up from attending one of this years developer conference sessions. Perhaps I need to devour those first and then I'll give the idea of nibbling on Mr. Stark's FileMaker PHP book for a bit! (grin)

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