EXAMPLE: FileMaker 9 Conditional Formatting

From Dwayne Wright

Conditional formatting is generally used to give the user a quick pop in the eyeballs. It is the equivalent of a quick shout of “hey, looky here!” and many of its implementations are in portals. As you know a portal shows a set of records that are related to the table occurrence in the current layout. Sometimes you want to have one portal row to stand out over the others because it meets some important conditions.

Here I’m showing off a very basic example of the FileMaker 9 conditional formatting feature and I’m using a portal to do it. I simply want some of the portal rows to highlight in bright red if the musical artist/group is the one picked in a field to the left. You will notice that the fields in the portal are not calculation fields and there is no script that changes their formatting when I make a change in the ShowMeArtist field.

To see the conditional formatting setting, do the following ...

- go into layout mode
- select the field(s) in the portal
- choose Conditional from under the Format menu

Here you can see the setup of the conditions for the highlight which is

tableA_TABLEB::Artist = TableA::ShowMeArtist

In other words, if the related field in the portal has the same artist as the global field on the layout, make the text bold and red in color.

An example file can be downloaded at ...

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