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This is part of my ongoing series or articles about setting up your own software publishing business (cause FileMaker is very good option for doing that). This was originally published by me in a guide called FileMaker Software Publishing back in 2002.

I would recommend that you setup a business checking account for your business.
The charge is usually under $20.00 a month. I would also recommend that you have your business account with a bank other than your personal bank. Some business bank fee structures are complex. If you can, I’d recommend the most simple structure until you get a firm idea of your business banking needs.

If you are going to have an online store, it is not required that you can collect credit card fees through your bank. Normally you can setup a company to handle all your internet store related charging needs and they deposit funds into your business checking account when you settle those transactions.

Another option that I like to add to the mix is PayPal. It is fast, easy to setup and generally very secure. I have had a very good experience with PayPal and I do suggest you check the options it has for you like accepting credit card payments without an expensive merchant account.

If you find a bank that caters to small business accounts, you might want to consider them the lead dog in getting your business. I would also recommend getting referrals from fellow business owners in your area. They may find a bank they are very happy with and you might use this to help make bank choice.

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