Using IWP, Field In A Tab Will Not Accept Data

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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Thought I’d pass this along, I hadn’t seen it mentioned before. I did a database for a customer and they have some vendors they need to be able to see the database data. So we did an Instant Web Publishing layout for the data. Now two fields in the tab would NOT accept editing changes. If you clicked into those fields, edited the data and clicked the Submit button, nothing would happen. The screen would refresh and the fields would show their original data. This only happened with two fields and the others accepted data just fine.

Now it took me a few minutes to realize that I had these fields on the layout twice. I have them above the tab panel in bold as a header. That way each user could see these fields, no matter what tab they were in. I also had them in the first tab of the tab panel. If I clicked into the fields above the tab and tried the edit, it worked fine. Clicking back into the fields in the tab, (using IWP) the edits would not take. Clicking into the fields in standard FileMaker client worked just fine.

I began to think the problem was due to these fields on the layout twice. One above the tab and one in a tab. I converted my top field to be merge fields and tested the IWP editing with that change. The problem was fixed.

So there was some sort of misfire happening when the fields appeared twice on the same layout with one field in the tab and one outside of the tab.
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