IWP And Change Password On Next Log In

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There are so many odd little things that can bite you in the behind as you design in FileMaker Instant Web Publishing. They are truly small little things that you probably knew about ... but since you don’t do IWP integration that often ... you forgot about it. I had one of those crop up on me yesterday and hence a quick blog post about it.

FileMaker IWP is not compatible with the setup of requiring users to change their password on the next log in. This is used when you have a new user added to the system, you give them a default password and you want them to change it as soon as you have them enter into the database the first time. A truly great feature for when you are hosting your databases in a pure FileMaker environment and gives you the following message in an IWP environment...

Oh no, you didn’t!

Now all of the security account script steps that you have available in FileMaker are compatible with IWP. This can be verified by clicking the check box to indicate web compatibility and seeing if a particular script step is grayed out. A grayed out script step is one that will NOT work with Instant Web Publishing.

So you can (and I will have to) write a scripted startup routine that handle this auto change password need. Luckily for me, I already have a staff table in this solution and this is one of the main things you need to have to build this routine. If time allows, I do hope to post and example file for doing this. In the interim, I have seen some information about designing this on the web in various forums. If you have an example you have seen or created out there, please feel free to add that information in the comments.
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