Last Monday At FMPug - Blast Of Web Viewer Info

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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Last Monday (Oct 24, 2008), I was lucky enough to carve out some free time to attend the last Seattle FMPug meeting for 2008. No worries, meetings will startup again January 2009, don’t want to spread any false rumors! The meetings guest speaker was Cris Ippolite, the president and founder of iSolutions, Inc. Many of you may know of him from his training series on FileMaker and Bento 1.0. I watched all those training videos and even an old dog like me picked up a trick or two. I do recommend every FileMaker developer to cruise by and checking out their wares.

One thing that was very special was the lasagna provided by Bob Majors of 7th Wave Productions! I’m talking home baked lasagna and in four different variations ... Cheese, Chicken, Cashew and Chicken Cashew. It was absolutely yummy and totally out of the blue. Thank You Bob!

The meeting was held at the WaMu center in downtown Seattle. Yes, even with its troubles as of late, the building is still an exceptional place to hold a meeting. My thoughts of tumbleweed bushes rolling down the halls were totally unfounded.

I have to admit, I’m a bit lukewarm about web viewer development and that didn’t change for me in the meeting. It was a very strong and focused blast of information, that wasn’t the problem. I’m just not that enthusiastic about FileMaker Web Services and enjoy more core technology discussions. Much of the information presented I’ve seen in the training videos, FTS training sessions, the annual developer conference and what not. I do have to say that it was a great refresher on the Web Viewer and Cris is always a presenter that is a treat to absorb information from.

Here you can see Cris hard at work, pointing out the html tags that make the web viewer sing.

One thing Cris mentioned I hadn’t heard before (or it had not registered with me before) was a unique way of describing the web viewer. He called it an unstored calculation that has its results browser based. That is so perfect! I just love it when I hear someone explain something so elegantly, when I’ve always had troubles explaining it to others myself!

Cris also showed of a web enabled calendaring solution that he had blended with his FileMaker database. It looked quite promising and I hope that something like this may evolve into more traditional FileMaker solution design in the future. Wouldn’t it be too cool if the default web viewer options included something like calendaring integration!
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