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I am trying to set up a script that would lock files in filemaker after they have been created after two weeks. I am the data coordiantor of the company as of a few months ago, but nothing is locked. I dont want to set the lock (or limited the access) right away, because then I would be the only one that would be able to change the information. By setting a script that would automaticly lock the file, then this will give the accessioning department to correct their mistakes w/o me doing all of the work. If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know. Thanks.

This isn’t that hard to do, basically you need a trigger and then a follow up security setting. The trigger can be manual, semi automatic or fully automatic. Many times, you can have one field for the trigger that is either empty or contains data. If empty, the lock isn’t activated.

The locking of a record is commonly done either with field validation or with security privilege set design. A lot of users go the validation route because setting up security options intimidates them. That is a shame because using FileMaker security settings are not that difficult, extremely powerful and flexible.

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