Software Publishing: What Is Copyright Notice?

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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This is part of my ongoing series of articles about setting up your own software publishing business (cause FileMaker is very good option for doing that). This was originally published by me in a guide called FileMaker Software Publishing back in 2002. .

This is an identifier clearly placed on copies of your work to inform those that come across it that you retain copyright ownership. The identifier is a circle c character / the word copyright ( or both ), the date and the name of the holder. In some cases, the identifier is not required for a party to enforce ownership but these are the rare exceptions and not the rule. You can register your copyright with the Library Of Congress but it is not a requirement for some of the basic levels of copyright protection.

From what I understand, the successful registration with the Library Of Congress makes the ability to collect punitive damages possible but not assured. Without the LOC registration, you may be limited to only preventing ongoing infringement of your copyright.

I'm not a legal beagle by any means. For more detailed information, I'd suggest checking out, other books about the subject and check with your lawyer.

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