Using Script Groups When Converting FMP 6 Databases

From Dwayne Wright - Certified FileMaker 9 Developer
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As I was working on a newly converted FileMaker 6 database for a customer, I found myself using scripting groups in a way I hadn’t used extensively before. Every new script that I created for the solution went into a new group folder and any script I modified went into a different and newly created folder as well. I then found myself putting all the scripts I hadn’t touched into their own folders.

As a result, I had a folder structure that showed me ...

- all my new scripts in a folder with sub folders based upon their use
- all the modified script in a folder with sub folders based upon their user
- all the scripts I haven’t edited at all in a folder

At some time, I will consolidate these folders ... but ... at this stage ... it really helps to have them separated. For example, I’m added scripting routines that allow me to add someone in the staff file, click a button and have their security settings broadcasted to all the files in the solution. I can create a security script group in one file, copy the entire folder of scripts and paste it into the other files. Very handy indeed!
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