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In IWP, when we accidentally enter the date incorrectly, the error message caused the entire record to reset – i.e., all entered data was lost; how can we avoid this? Along the same lines, can we change the sample date range to be in years only (2006 vs. 01/04/2006), or at least, to keep it numeric, auto-convert a 2006 entry to 01/01/2006)? These will generally be in years anyway and would lead to fewer incorrect entries in the first place.

FileMaker stored date related information in a special way. It takes the value you enter and does a mathematical stored return from the first minute of the first hour of 01/01/01. This is how you can do date related searches such as all records before/after a date or records that fall within a range of dates. For this reason, a field that is setup as a date field must have its data entered in as a valid date in the format of month/day/year.

We can add a free form method of entering in date information but we would have to make the field a text field. So the above searches will not work. We can add a pop down calendar to the field and the data will be true data. We can even make it so a small button comes up the right of the field when you click into it. You can enter in the date manually or click the button to add data via the pop down calendar.

Here is the setting for the field.

Here you can see how the fields look in FileMaker client view.

Here you can see how the fields look in IWP client view.

I think the only real option is to hard code it so the calendars always pop up for the web users.

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