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I created a global container to store a "png" logo in. I insert it without reference to actually store the graphic. My db is being served from my server. The problem is if I store it as a global storage the graphic is not there when I reopen the db. If i turn off the global storage and insert the graphic it is there when I reopen the db. I wanted to store a logo that could be used across all tables.

A global field in a networked situation behaves like a local global for each user and is session specific. One user on the network cannot see what is in another users global field. By default, the global will contain the data it had when last closed in single user mode. The global field for a networked user will contain unique data, only for that user and only during that network session. When a networked user closes a file with global fields, none of the data in that global will be saved for the next session.

So you will want to close the database on the server, open it with regular FileMaker, update the global, close the database and then open it again on the server.

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