A READER ASKS: Standalone And Shared - Consider A Hosting Account?

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I just want to ask about running stand alone solution in local computers and at the same time connected to same solution which is hosted as a remote.

So that, our client has had continue running their solution without knowing that they'll be able to operate it though it's connected to remote or not and if they are able to connect to a remote the current data will be imported and automatically update into the hosted solution.

Just let me know that it is possible or not and let me know HOW?

sorry i'm not good in english

Well, I’m not sure if this is helpful advice but I will take a stab at it. When you are looking to mix the simplicity of a locally hosted solution with the flexibility of remote access ... it is hard to beat purchasing a FileMaker hosting account with a service provider like my friends at thedroolingdog.com . In particular when you look at the sizable investment in getting a copy of FileMaker Server, the machine to run it on and the time it takes to set everything up properly.

This is one of the entry level hosting plans.

I have a 5 database hosting account with thedroolingdog.com and I host dwaynewright.com with the same account. The service is relatively inexpensive and their web based control panel is absolutely fantastic.

Here you can see the sign in area for the control panel and then the options once you get in. I can see what clients are signed into my databases, I can upload a new database with ease, I can view up to 30 days worth of backups and I can access a live backup moments after I’ve activated it.

Currently, I’m using four of my five available database slots. Two of these are accessed via FileMaker only and the other two also have FileMaker Instant Web Publishing access.

Here you can see three of my active databases and the actions area of to the right is extremely powerful. Via these buttons I can start a files database sharing, stop sharing it, move it to inactive status or do a LIVE backup of the database.

Here you can see that I can have databases uploaded to my account but have them inactive. This doesn’t go against my five database account limit unless I activate them. This is great because I can switch versions of a database I’m using for testing purposes.

I’m even quoting a customer for an InBizness implementation where they are going to run InBizness on their local network. We are considering purchasing a single dog account for Instant Web Publishing for lead management. The local version has a live connection to the remote version but not vice versa. So the local users can pull down web based database information at ease!

I hope this is somewhat close to what you were asking.

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